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Buy accurate sports predictions from artificial intelligence. Deep analysis of each event in more than 50 parameters. Guarantee of renewal for a subscription, a handy calculator rates. Thousands of people are already making money with Tetrabet, so join us.

Decent prices

From 43 cents per prediction

No, we don't sell forecasts one by one. This cost is obtained by dividing the subscription price by the number of forecasts. And using personal promotions and discounts, the price is reduced even more.

Show monthly prices

The monthly price is much lower

Prices are shown indollars


Yes, they are sliding

Sports betting - a high-risk investment

Nothing can be guaranteed in betting, it is a set of probabilities and there is always a risk of losing money. We are not scammers and can not guarantee you a profit. But we will do our best to make you earn money.

What you will get

Forecasts from artificial intelligence

Tetrabet artificial intelligence analyzes thousands of events and produces the most reliable outcomes. Each forecast passes manual moderation and only after that it is added to the forecast feed.

Bet calculator

The algorithm is based on the basics of probability theory and an improved Martingale system. With it, the budget is distributed so that you will always be in profit.

Warranty extension

We guarantee that if you do not make a profit at the end of the subscription period, your subscription will be renewed free of charge. Your subscription will renew automatically.

Personal account and statistics

A page where you can see detailed statistics on your bets, as well as get access to personal promotions.

The best prices for such services

We can afford such low prices due to the fact that all processes are automated. We have no additional costs for "experts".

Automatic activation

After payment, you do not need to write and send checks to anyone. The subscription is activated automatically after the payment is made.


Our guarantees

  • If you didn't make a profit, the subscription is renewed for free until you get your profit.
  • You only pay for the subscription, we do not charge you money for account promotion and other fraudulent schemes.
  • If the forecast coefficient has changed, you can change it, and the amount will be recalculated automatically.

User agreement

Before purchasing a subscription, we strongly recommend that you read the user agreement. In it, we explain in detail in which cases it is possible to cancel the guarantee of profitability.